Résumé for David Goh

Name:  David Goh
Email:  dtg@object-craft.com.au


Highly skilled Unix DevOps specialist with a very wide range of experience in software engineering, systems administration, toolsmithing, cloud and open source applications.

Programming/Markup Languages:
Highly competent: Python, JavaScript (React, jQuery, Node.js, raw), SQL (PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Pro*C, MySQL), Perl, C, C++, Markups (HTML/CSS, JSON, YAML, XML).
Familiar with: Swift (iOS, MacOS), PHP, Java, AppleScript, LUA, Markups (DocBook, LaTeX, Postscript).
Systems Administration:
Highly Competent: Operating Systems (Linux, macOS, Solaris), Database (PostgreSQL, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL), Monitoring (Nagios, site24x7, other custom), Ticketing (Jira, RequestTracker), TCP/IP Network configuration and setup, File services (Samba/CIFS, WebDAV, AFP, NFS), Unix script writing (Python, csh, sh, awk, sed, Perl, PHP).
Familiar with: Deployment/Containerisation (ansible, Nexus, Docker), Operating Systems (Windows, FreeBSD, Macintosh, Irix, SunOS, MSDOS), SAN/NAS configuration and maintenance (NetApp, SUN StorEDGE, HP EVA), Firewall setup.
Internet and Cloud Services administration:
Highly Competent: Apache httpd, Postfix, BIND DNS, Confluence, Squid proxy, Cyrus IMAP.
Familiar with: Tomcat, O365, G-Suite, Dreamhost, Squarespace, Sendmail, SMPP software (Kannel), Usenet (INND, Leafnode, Taylor UUCP)
SDK's and Development Tools:
Highly Competent: vi, PyCharm, git, Make, SVN, Perforce, RCS, CVS, ClearCase, SCCS, PVCS
Familiar with: Xcode, MS Visual Studio

Employment History

Dec 2011 - Present: Unix DevOps Consultant - Object Craft Pty Ltd

Jun 2011 - Dec 2011: Application Support Analyst Programmer, Systems Administrator - RMIT University

Oct 2007 - June 2011: Monitoring Systems Development and Toolsmithing, Senior Systems Administrator - AAPT Ltd

Aug 2006 - Sep 2007: Chief Development Manager - Digital Media Technology startup (name on request)

Aug 2005 - Jul 2006: Senior Analyst Programmer - NAB Ltd

Mar 2004 - Mar 2005: Independent IT Contractor - various

May 2002 - Jan 2004: IT Manager, Software Architect, Senior Systems Administrator - Quintiles HRS Pty Ltd

Nov 2001 - May 2002: Senior Core Software Engineer - SPATIALinfo Pty Ltd

Nov 2000 - Aug 2001: Software Architect and Senior Systems Administrator - Blaze International Ltd

Mar 1999 - Oct 2000: Technical Director - Netizen Pty Ltd

Nov 1996 - Sep 1999: Software Architect and Systems Administrator - Unico Computer Systems Pty Ltd

Apr 1994 - Nov 1996: CAE Australia Pty Ltd and Ferranti Computer Systems Australia Pty Ltd

Dec 1993 - Mar 1994: Technical Support and Admin - Vital Years Pty Ltd

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Academic History

1997: Bachelor of Computer Science - La Trobe University, Australia - incomplete
1992-1993: Bachelor of Science (Maths) - University of New South Wales, Australia - incomplete
1991: Medicine - University of New South Wales, Australia - incomplete
1990: NSW High School Certificate - The Emanuel School, Australia - TER 99.20 (top 0.8 percent of state)

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