Sybase module for Python

Installation on Windows Using the Free Borland Compiler

Andy Hood sent some instructions on using the Free Borland Compiler to build the Sybase module on Windows.
  1. Download compiler and install. Make sure compiler bin directory is on the path.
  2. Edit in the python21/Lib/disutils directory. On line 850 is the comment '#OS name mappings'. This section sets the default compiler for the operating system. Change the nt default from 'msvc' to 'bcpp'. Python already knows all about the borland compiler, so all we need to is to make it the default.
  3. The .lib files in the sybase open client lib directory are for microsoft C. Borland has provided a utility to convert these files into a format it can use. By trial and error I have found the command line options that work. start by copying the .lib files to .lib.old and then run the following commands:
     coff2omf -lib:st libblk.lib.old libblk.lib
     coff2omf -lib:st libcs.lib.old libcs.lib
     coff2omf -lib:st libct.lib.old libct.lib
     coff2omf -lib:st libsybdb.lib.old libsybdb.lib
  4. Now you can follow the instructions to included with the sybase module to install the software. Be forewarned that Borland will produce a boatload of warning messages. These messages do not seem to critical as I have not experienced any problems.