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20 August 2002 - Albatross 1.00 released
Version 1.00 of Albatross has been released. A key enhancement in this release is a new "ellipsis" tree iterator, as well as a number of bug and security fixes and improved portability. More »
21 July 2002 - New website goes live
The Object Craft web site has been redesigned. The new site makes extensive use of CSS2 - browsers that only support CSS1 (such as Netscape 4) will see the site without the style sheet applied resulting an ugly, but still functional page. Consider upgrading your web browser.
22 April 2002 - Sybase module 0.35pre1 released
Sybase module 0.35pre1 has been released. This release uses callbacks instead of inline error handling, allowing server errors while executing stored procedures to be reported correctly. FreeTDS support has also been improved considerably. More »
25 March 2002 - New discussion list for Python Sybase module
The python-sybase discussion list has been set up as a forum for users of our Python Sybase module. More »
25 March 2002 - Sybase module 0.34 released
Version 0.34 of our Python Sybase module has been released. This is mainly a bug fix release. Fixes include a cursor state machine fix from Phillip J. Eby, a for the MS compiler reported by Roberto M Esguerra, and an added CS_IFILE option to ct_config() for Erik A. Dahl. More »
15 March 2002 - Albatross 0.06 released
Albatross 0.06 has been released. Changes include improvements in the handling of quotes in templates, signing of hidden field sessions, a new server-side file based session method, a new RandomPage application class that determines the page module from the URL, improvements to the TCP session server, simplified mod_python usage, more tests, and documentation improvements. More »
11 March 2002 - Sybase module 0.33 released
Version 0.33 of our Python Sybase module saw an extensive re-write of the Python part of the module in an effort to make it's DB_API implementation more correct. More »
14 January 2002 - Albatross 0.05 released
Albatross 0.05 has been released. Changes in this release include a huge number of documentation fixes, documentation for macro tags, a new calendar example of extension tags, an infinite recursion bug in nested macro expansion, and lot of new unit tests. More »
26 December 2001 - Albatross 0.04 released
Albatross 0.04 is the first public release of Albatross, a small toolkit for developing highly stateful web applications. More »
6 November 2001 - csv-0.5 released
This version of the Python CSV parser fixes two bugs - one in the memory allocation of an internal parser buffer, and second being a compile warning on Solaris. More »