MS SQL Server module for Python


The distribution includes a copy of the compiled mssqldb.pyd module.

In releases 0.03 and 0.04 mssqldb.pyd is compiled for Python 2.1. In release 0.05 is the module compiled for Python 2.2. All subsequent releases contain bin/python2.x directories each of which contains the mssqldb.pyd module compiled for the respective Python.

Latest release: mssql-0.09.tar.gz 71K Aug 09 2004
Previous releases: mssql-0.08.tar.gz 71K Jun 03 2004
mssql-0.07.tar.gz 71K Jun 02 2004
mssql-0.06.tar.gz 72K Jun 28 2003
mssql-0.05.tar.gz 47K Apr 24 2003
mssql-0.04.tar.gz 45K Jul 01 2001
mssql-0.03.tar.gz 41K Jul 01 2001