Application Development

Object Craft can assist you in your application development. We have built a reputation over 50 years on delivering high quality results to our clients in a timely and reliable fashion. Please feel free to download our skills summary for an overview of our company.

Web applications

We have extensive experience in building web applications in a variety of environments, financial markets, medical research, and directory lookup services to name a few, using different application servers, from our own Albatross server to ATG Dynamo.

Domain-specific applications

Our team has worked on applications across a wide range of areas over the years giving us a breadth of experience. We understand and believe in implementing solutions that both solve the immediate problems and deliver the customer a sound codebase upon which to build further enhancements and develop their product.

We have direct in-house experience with a wide range of application domains. For example, financial institutions, compiler systems, directory services, gaming, on-line applications, and so on.

Application Design, Deployment and Maintenance

We specialise in designing, deploying and maintaining robust and resilient systems using modern design tools and techniques.

Enhancement work on existing systems

A number of our clients have engaged us to maintain their existing systems and we have been able to quickly become familiar with the problem domain and the existing system. We not only address the issues at hand in the systems, we can also offer advice on how to restructure the systems to make them more maintainable and reliable as well as actually doing that work.

Contact us

Please contact to talk to us about how we can help you build and deliver your system.