Sybase module for Python


If you are installing on a Linux machine, you should be able to simply do the following:

python install

To build the module for use with FreeTDS you can use the following commands:

python install

By default the FreeTDS compile is against FreeTDS 0.61. To compile with FreeTDS 0.60 you must specify the older release with the HAVE_FREETDS macro.

python build_ext -D HAVE_FREETDS=60 -U WANT_BULKCOPY
python install
Why the FreeTDS people use a string for the TDS_VERSION_NO define in tdsver.h is beyond me...

Installation on FreeBSD

Greg Bond has created a FreeBSD ports framework for the module. You can fetch it from

Using the Free Borland Compiler

If you need to compile the module on Windows and do not have access to the Microsoft compiler you can use the free Borland compiler to build the Sybase module.