Maxter -- A Napster client for MacOS X

Attention: Maxter is no longer supported.

Following the judgement of the courts, Napster has changed the protocol they use as they move their service to a fee-based system. I don't have any details of the new protocol.

The original protocol had been reverse engineered and I was working from those specs. I do not think it's worth investing any more time in Maxter while the whole Napster issue is so unclear. I'm not interested in writing a free app to give access to a paying service from which I won't profit.


Maxter is a napster client written for MacOS X using the Cocoa development environment by Ben Golding.

The enclosed MaxterManual.rtfd contains a description of the application and how to use and install it. Credit for the manual (and app testing) goes to Todd Nathan. Thanks Todd! Thanks also to John Jay Feiler and Michael Sitarzewski for their help.

Changes since Maxter-0.2.8a