Mac OS X Utilities


PDFViewer is a barebones PDF viewer. It is simple, small and much faster than the alternatives. Check out the download page for more information.

Epson Stylus Color 670 Printer Driver

One of the unfortunate drawbacks when upgrading operating systems is the fact that half of your peripherals don't seem to work any more. This happened to one of our staff with his EPSON SC670, so we figured out a way to create a driver that works.

Credit must go to Rick-aka Mauian (not associated with Object Craft) who suggested that modifying the 740 printer driver to recognise the 670 and identifying itself as a 670 printer driver worked fine. His printer driver only worked under Mac OS X 10.1 so we tried making those changes to the 740 printer driver under 10.2. It works for us - hope you find it useful. You can get Rick-aka Mauian's 10.0, 10,1 driver here.

Please note that this driver is not supported by Epson and that you download and use this entirely at your own risk.

Cash Forecaster

The Cash Forecaster is a simple application that forecasts your cash flow over a defined period. Check out the download page for more information.