Trouble Shooting

Attention: Maxter is no longer supported.

Following the judgement of the courts, Napster has changed the protocol they use as they move their service to a fee-based system. I don't have any details of the new protocol.

The original protocol had been reverse engineered and I was working from those specs. I do not think it's worth investing any more time in Maxter while the whole Napster issue is so unclear. I'm not interested in writing a free app to give access to a paying service from which I won't profit.

If you have problems, please send e-mail to

If you launch /Applications/Utilities/, you will be able to look through Maxter's diagnostic output while it's running. If you have a problem, please send me a copy of this as it should help me diagnose and correct the problems faster.

Known Problems in release 0.3.10a

In the login window, if you're seeing an "empty username" or "empty password", you may need to hit tab to make Maxter notice the field; don't just hit the "login" button.

While downloading search requests and requests to add files to the download queue seem to be lost. I'm not sure why this is -- Maxter seems to be sending the right packets to the Napster server, it just doesn't seem to receive a response. I wonder if the packet isn't being lost in all the network activity during the download. I'm looking into this further.