Epson Stylus Color 670 Printer Driver for Mac OS X

Credit must go to Rick-aka Mauian (not associated with Object Craft) who suggested that modifyed the 740 printer driver to recognise the 670 and identifying itself as a 670 printer driver worked fine. His printer driver only worked under Mac OS X 10.1 so we tried making those changes to the 740 printer driver under 10.2. This works for us - hope you find it useful. You can get Rick-aka Mauian's 10.0, 10,1 driver here.

Please note that this driver is not supported by Epson and that you download and use this driver entirely at your own risk.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and mount the disk image (Mounting the image should probably happen automatically after downloading is complete)
  2. Take the file: "SC670.plugin" and put it in the "EPSON" folder located in the path "/Library/Printers/EPSON"
  3. Connect your printer
  4. Start up an application that can print documents.
  5. Open a document to print, and choose print. This will pring up the print window.
  6. Choose "Edit Printer List" from the Printer Drop Down
  7. Click on "Add" in the window that appears
  8. Choose EPSON USB, EPSON FireWire or EPSON AppleTalk, depending on how you connect to your printer
  9. Your EPSON SC670 driver will appear in the window below, click on this printer and select add
  10. You should now be able to print to this printer


Latest release: SC670.dmg 1210K Apr 23 2003

Note for Internet Explorer Users

If you are having trouble downloading the printer driver (Internet Explorer does not seem to recognise the above file and tries to display it in a window) simply right-click (or cmd-click) on the link above and select "save link contents to disk" rather than just clicking on the link. Then follow the above instructions to install the driver.

Please note - this is not supported software. However, if you do have any enquiries, you can email us here.